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Laminated Printing Toronto

Give your products strength, appearance and stability

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Give your products strength, appearance and stability

  • Gloss Lamination

Lamination is a material that has multiple layers, so that the composite material achieves improved strength, appearance and stability. Laminate is permanent and is applied by heat, pressure, or adhesives. Laminated printing services not only adds weight and texture to your printed materials, but also, it waterproofs for safekeeping.

Types of laminated printing

  • 1Hot – This method containers rollers that heat up. The temperature that is generated heats up the laminate which in return, bonds to the material.
  • 2Cold – Is a pressure sensitive machine that does not use heat. It uses a plastic film with adhesive coating inside and glossy finish on the outside. When you expose the adhesive and insert the material, it will adhere to it.
  • 3Matte – A coating with a very smooth finish, and no added shine. It adds durability and strength to your card which in turn makes it thicker as well.
  • 4Gloss - It draws more attention as light reflects off the material. It also gives a protective coating and is usually more high profile.
  • 5Soft touch – This method adds a velvety-soft feel to printed materials. This gains distinction by the sense of touch. It is a specially textured plastic matte film that is bonded to the surface of a material.

Items can be laminated

Benefits of Lamination

  • It is weather-proof.
  • Laminated printing prevents against smudges, stains, aging and wrinkling.
  • Lamination will add thickness to stock; a more cost effective way of achieving the duplex or triplex-card look.
  • Laminated printing services is an alternative to UV coatings and varnishing, as it is available in glossy, matte, soft touch and even reflective finishes.

Our Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest size you laminate?

The biggest width we can laminate in-house is 22”, by over 100’.

What thickness can I laminate?

We can laminate from text weight to foam core. There are also many thickness and laminates you can choose from, from 1.7mil to 10mil thickness.

Are there any risks to laminating print?

Although laminating does preserve many prints, if something is irreplaceable, we ask that you scan it or photocopy it. The reason is that sometimes, if the material is aged, wrinkled or ripped in placed, it may get damaged or cause bubbles in the laminate. We will advise you of such risks before the process is started.

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