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In our Finishing Touch we utilize integrated and precise protocols to achieve what our customers want

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  • Hot Foil Stamping Toronto

    Give Vibrant Colours to your Design

    A ribbon of opaque foil film is transferred to the paper surface, pressed between a heated die and paper. The heat transfers the foil’s pigment to the paper.

    • Gold Foil
  • Embossed & Debossed Printing Toronto

    Give your Project a true three Dimensional look

    A raised image is produced on paper by means of a die, and the application of pressure and heat.

    • Debossed
  • Die Cut Printing Services

    Shape your Product the Way you Like
    Squares • Triangles • Circles

    The art of cutting your product into a impressive shape using our unique techniques and steel cutting dies

    • Custom Die Cut
  • Edge Painting

    Give your product's edges an elegant painting like stylish look

    A simple yet sophisticated process of applying paint like colour to the edges of your finished products - be it business cards, wedding invitations, books, or journals.

    • Edge Painting Business Cards
  • Laminated Printing Toronto

    Give your products strength, appearance and stability

    • Lamination
  • Print Duplexing Toronto

    “I want a really thick card!!”
    Be on trend with a boutique style cards, invites or other projects

    A unique technique of layering together two or more sheets of paper into one thicker sheet for a increase impact

    • Duplexing Detail
  • Binding

    We Offer extensive selection of bindings

  • Print Inserts and Folding

    Final Touch of Folding

    From basic to sophisticated projects, our finishing crew has mastered the fine art of folding

  • Print Gluing, pocket folders, CDs Toronto

    A Final Look that would Exceed your Expectation

    Having the wealth of experience, we have utilized the know-how of our people, the input of our clients, and extensive research and observation, to produce a impressive final look

  • Print Drilling & Hole Punching Toronto

    We have the capability to handle mass production of sale tags and document 3 hole drilling from 1/16” over 1” in different shapes

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  • Notepad Gluing Toronto

    Our in house large-scale production of notepads, from single to full colour, had made us the right choice for several national and government institutes

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  • Creasing and Perforating

    With more than five machines of scoring and perforating, we make sure the folded product has that smooth crack free surface

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  • Eyelet and Grommeting

    A wide range of sizes and colours are available.

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  • UV Coating Printing Toronto

    Give your Printed Materials an Impactful Look

    An Ultra violet cured thin coating is applied over printed-paper that dries by UV radiation exposure. The result is a high gloss waterproof surface.

  • Varnishes

    Flood or Spot Matte, Gloss and Satin varnishes

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