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Fast Turnaround Digital Printing

For your smaller projects and faster turnaround time our digital services excel!

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For your smaller projects and faster turnaround time our digital services excel!

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What is digital printing?

Digital printing services is a method of printing from a digital-based image file, directly to a variety of medias. Generally, it refers to printing where, small-run jobs are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers. Digital printing eliminates the need for a plate which, is used in offset printing. Instead, it offers a faster printing service and printing-on-demand.

Our digital printing services offer

  • Fast and efficient black and white copies and laser colour prints;
  • Various paper sizes available from 8.5” x 11” to 12.5” x 19”;
  • Paper options, from text to cover weight; smooth or textured finish;
  • Laser label printing; pre die-cut labels, clear labels and full sheet size labels;
  • Files are accepted in many formats: PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and MS suites;
  • Scan and resize documents for print;
  • Scan originals into PDF, Tiff or JPEG’s for digital safekeeping.
  • For your convenience, print jobs can also be submitted via email.

Digital printing services can be used for quick turn-around time for short-runs of business cards, postcards, pamphlets, brochures, labels, catalogues, magnets and many more.

Our Works

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Finishing off your order with an extra touch

  • In-line stapling, choose from single or double.
  • Scoring to avoid cracking.
  • In-line half fold or letter fold.
  • Saddle Stitch.
  • In-line hole punch with optional 2 hole or 3 hole.
  • Customize your marketing message with our variable data capabilities.
  • Cerlox, spiral or metal cerlox binding (clear plastic front and black backing included).

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is a turn-around time for photocopying?

Generally, we can do photocopies on spot, subject to availability of digital printing machines. Our copy machines are able to photocopy up to 125 sheets per minute for fast turn-around. Occasionally, there may be a delay, however, it is always less than one business day for small run of photocopying.

Can I photocopy books, passport and photo IDs?

Yes, we can photocopy IDs and passports. If a book is carrying a copy write, we cannot photocopy the whole book; only a few pages are allowed.

Can you print photos?

Yes, our digital printing services is capable of producing very sharp color copies. There are many options of paper available in variety of colors, however, we do not have photo paper. You can choose from silk or glossy finish, text or cover weight paper, from white to off-white, neutrals, pastel and bright colours. We can even print it poster-size and mount it.

What is a Bleed?

Bleed is an ink or image that extends past the desired size. The bleed is set because there is a degree in movement when printing digitally. When an image or colour extends to the edges of paper, 1/8“bleed should be set all around the file, extending the size of the file. If there is no bleed, there will be white border all around the printed file.

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?

Our digital printing services uses CMYK values. The difference is that the printer mixes CMYK values to create your image, whereas RGB is the values that are mixed on your computer screen. C – stands for Cyan, M – stands for Magenta, Y - Stands for Yellow and K – stands for Black. It is optimal to convert your file to CMYK when printing digitally.

What resolution of file is ideal?

An ideal resolution for digital printing would be a minimum of 300 dpi (dots-per-inch), at 100%. Any resolution under 300 dpi is possible, however, it may print-out blurry or pixelated.

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