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Present your products and brand with a presentably-elegant-looking folder

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Present your products and brand with a presentably-elegant-looking folder

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A presentation folder is a presentably-elegant-looking folder that can holds loose sheets of marketing material, brochures, business cards or other documents, organized and placed in pockets. Presentation folders are usually made from a sheet of heavy paper or cover stock and is folded in half with pockets glued on the inside (to put the documents or marketing material into).

Why use presentation folder?

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Presentation folders function as a window to your company. This provides an introduction to your company’s products and brand. The quality and design of the presentation folder printing should not be overlooked because it says so much about your organization. It is an essential tool for business presentations to aid in the sales process. The first impression is always the strongest and the presentation folder is usually the first thing that your customer sees.

How can Captain Printworks enhance my presentation?

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At Captain Printworks, our presentation folder printing services will surely impress your clientele. We are capable of printing full-color presentation folders, with many printing finishing options, such as: high-gloss UV coating, soft-touch lamination; even emboss and hot foil-stamp.

Also, Presentation folders are produced in many different styles and sizes; the most common is the standard 9” x 12” with a twin 4” pockets and business card slits. We can also produce a completely custom presentation folder with different shapes or windows that will really wow your audience.

Captain Printworks has full colour presses, die cutting and gluing equipment for the production of your presentation folder. Please call us or come by if you want to learn more about presentation folders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical turn-around time for presentation folder printing?

Once the file is approved for printing, it typically takes about 5-7 business days to complete the order. It may take a few more days if there are printing finishing options added.

What types of printing finishing options can I apply to the folders?

All forms of printing finishing methods can be applied, from hot foil stamping, to die-cutting, engraving, laminating, and embossing.

What if my presentation folder is not a standard size?

In presentation folder printing, a die is used to create the outline of the folder, whatever size it may be. The cut-out die will depend on the size of your folder. You can choose from one of our standard dies or, let us create a custom-die to cater to your folder size.

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