Traditional Beauty

Letterpress Printing - an air of traditional beauty, a level of skill and craftsmanship unmatched by other forms of printing.
Embossed Letterpress Printing Services in Vaughan

A Craftsmanship from “kiss” to “Crush”!

Letterpress printing is an ancient method of printing. Its invention can be traced back to Johannes Gutenberg in the middle of the fifteenth century. Letterpress, which is called crush printing as well, works on a fundamental relief principle. Letters and shapes to be printed are raised from the non-printing surface and rollers apply ink to them. Then the printing surface is pressed against the paper indenting the image into the paper which gives Letterpress it’s tactile look. Embossed Business Card Printing Company in Mississauga Before the invention of the modern lithography and offset, in the middle of the twentieth century, letterpress printing service was the commercial method to print most of books and newspapers. From there-on, letterpress has captured the interest of all artisans and designers.
Letterpress Craftsmanship

Embossed Letterpress Printing Services at Captain

The day we added letterpress printing services to our printing and finishing selection twenty years ago, we fell in love with it. There is a certain allure with its every impression; the visual definition of every character letterpressed is way greater than any other print technique.
Embossed Printing Services in Toronto, Richmond Hill
When you letterpress the surface of the paper with a die, a kissing action will occur; some clients favour this depth on the extreme. We prefer to letterpress so hard that the characters form a valley under the paper surface, until you see the light reflected on the edges of the paper, formed on the side of the valley which, will give letterpress its unique look. This will leave a bruise on the other side of paper, some may love it, and some may not, so, we hide it by duplexing another paper on the back.

In recent years, there has been a spike and revival of letterpress printing art, for its unique vintage look, and has been used to produce all sorts of custom business cards, wedding invites, to fancy cards and special occasions invitations. In the past, letterpress printing services used wooden letters alongside metal ones. Nowadays, Embossed letterpress printing services in Toronto polyethylene or magnesium plates to produce a stunning sharp and smooth edges.


Embossed letterpress printing services in Toronto

Excellency of letterpress printing at Captain Print

Optimizing the beauty without compromising the quality
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    Letterpress printing service produces high quality vintage appeal, at a lower cost, in comparison to engraving.
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    It can capture the classic beauty of the vintage hand script and the funky playful contemporary design.
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    Letterpress printing has a high ink density therefore, it is capable of letterpressing white ink on black cover, making an opaque print.
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    It is capable of producing a magnificent visual transparency look, similar to watercolour, by letterpressing a second layer of ink on a previous one.
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    Letterpress effect can create a stunning contrast when used on rough-surface paper stock, such as Crane’s Lettra. It is among the favorites for wedding invitations, birth announcement, baptism and bar mitzvahs. No other print techniques will achieve such a charming contrast.
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    Letterpress printing is environmentally friendly, as it produces less paper waste than offset.
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    Letterpress can be combined with other printing and finishing services like offset printing, foil and emboss to create composition that no other printing company dares to challenge. This can be performed with dot to dot registration between all different kind of presses.

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