Engraving enhance details and adds a three-dimension look to your printed identity

Engraving Printing

How Engraved Printing works

Engraving printing is a historic method that was used to produce artistic prints and maps. This a process that involved etching images onto unusually flat surfaces. Engraving has a unique ability to produce fine details better than other printing methods. Engraving inks are completely opaque, it produces far more vibrant colours than any other printing process.

Engraved Wedding Invites

The pressure produced in the impression forces the ink into the fibers of the paper, making the image not only tactile, but also, once dry, the ink will be embedded in the paper. Engraving printing starts with a copper plate that is engraved or etched with the reverse copy of the image. Ink is then forced into the crevices of the etched plate; paper is then pressed into the plate forcing the ink to adhere to the paper creating a raised impression from the ink and the lightly embossed paper - the paper is literally raised by the pressure.


Captain Printworks is one of the few of engravers in Canada.

We are at the forefront of reviving this process.

info_outline Facts about Engraved Printing

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    It has survived through all advances in technology because it can not replace the special look and feel of engraving.
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    The engraving printing method is one of the most intricate as everything has to be done with precision.
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    It is one of the most versatile and has a unique ability to produce fine details better than other printing methods.
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    Engraving-inks are completely opaque, it produces far more vibrant colours than any other printing process.
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    Burnishing metallic inks will give them a lustrous metal glow.
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    Until now it still remains to be one of the most unique ways to put images and words on paper.
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    It gives a distinguished and unique look.

Uniqueness and usages of Engraved printing

In a world where photocopy machines, computers and scanners can produce two-dimensional images, an engraved image will add undigitizable, irreplicable and exceptional uniqueness to your prints.

Letterhead Ingraving

Use it to make a lasting impression; engraving adds elegance, distinctiveness and individuality to your business cards, engraved invitations, letterhead, fine arts, labels, gift cards, presentation folders or use it for security measures, such as: Security cheques, latent images, micro text and designs, raised images and many more.

Letterhead Ingraving

A lasting Impression from Captain!

Engraving printing is an old method, but one of the most tasteful. This olden day look is giving new meaning to engraved invitations as it makes you stand out from the crowd. Many people have chosen to use this process for unique-styled wedding stationary along with letterheads and envelopes as it is simplistic, but gives it an exquisite, rustic look. Captain will always give you quality when you choose to use our services. We like to make strong bonds with our clients, in turn we continue to keep them satisfied.

Engraving printing history

Engraving emerged in Europe in the early 1400s, a product of goldsmiths that decorated religious objects, musical instruments and armors by engraving images into it.

In the 1500s, mass production of art pieces by artists like Albrecht Durer of Germany was made possible by this method. It was also used to mass produce sheet music, maps and books. It was well developed throughout Europe by the late 1500s and still in use by the 18th century by artists like Francisco Goya of Spain.

The emergence of offset printing, copiers and digital printing presses began the decline of engraving. There is now only a handful of engraving presses that are in operation today. Engraving printing today is largely used in printing high end stationery, engraved-invitations, stamps, paper or plastic currency, bank notes, stock certificates, and many more.