What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding, also known as adhesive binding, is a method of bookbinding, where hot glue adhesive is used to attach the paper to the cover, at the spine. The finished item is quite durable, in comparison to other binding methods. Perfect binding services are for making booklets, paper-back books, art books, portfolios, programs, magazines, directories, school yearbooks and manuals.

Perfect Binding

If you’ve seen a paperback novel or a soft cover school book, these would be examples of perfect binding. Some magazines like the National Geographic are bound using perfect binding services. The cover may vary from the same material as the inside or, it may be on a heavier cover stock like a paperback novel.

  • At Captain Printworks, we can bind from one book to thousands of books.
  • We have the right equipment in-house so that the processing of your books does not take long to produce. In a pinch, we could produce perfect bound books overnight.


In perfect binding, the inside sheets are glued together at the spine and the sides with a strong, flexible glue and the cover is then attached over the adhesive. This type of binding does not require sewing at the spine and therefore, is not as strong as the sewn books. To strengthen the binding, we will grind and score the spine to create a rough edge so that there is more surface for the adhesive to adhere to, creating a strong bond between the sheets.

Why use Perfect Binding

  • The permanence factor.
  • Produce a spine.
  • A stylish, more attractive finishing solution.
  • Professional presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a perfect bound book?

The pricing of our perfect binding services will differ depending on the quantity and size of the books. We will provide you with a custom quote, once the book specifications are received.

Do you produce hardcover and softcover perfect binding books?

Not currently, our in-house equipment is setup for softcover perfect booking binding services.

Are there any limitations for perfect binding?

Yes, paper stock weight and coating, including stock texture and the total number of pages in the book, play a major part in the option of perfect binding. Minimum thickness of the book should be 1/8th of an inch and the maximum thickness of the book can be 2”. If a book spine is thinner than 4mm, we do have alternative options for perfect binding.

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