A raised image is produced on paper by means of a die, and the application of pressure and heat.

Embossing Debossing

Embossed and Debossed printing

Embossed printing services as well as debossed printing are two different techniques with similar outcomes. The difference is embossing is raised and debossing is depressed. It is an elegant process that refers to the impression of a design, decoration or lettering on a surface. A raised image is produced on paper by means of a die, and the application of pressure and heat. This is also commonly referred to as letterpress printing services.

When you hold a card, whether it is a business card or an invitation, with an embossed image that is well designed and crafted, it will to take you back to an era of quality and craftsmanship. That card is no longer a surface, but truly, a sculpture that outlives in your memory among the hundreds of cards you exchanged. No wonder artists, high-end boutiques and restaurants use embossing or debossing on their stationery to maintain the recognition of their brands.

Planning an emboss and deboss printing project starts at the design stage. The outcome will be decided by the choice of thickness of elements and their position in the overall layout. With over 2 decades of expertise, our staff will be glad to offer you free consultation on how to achieve the best effects.

Embossed and Debossed printing services offer

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    Sensuality and elegance.
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    Raised or indented text, pattern, and image.
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    Enhances other letterpress finishing methods, such as hot foil stamping; by combining them with Embossing, and we guarantee registration between all printing techniques in our printing and finishing services.
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    Emboss will ad a 3-dimensional look on the surface of the paper, creating a sculpture look to impress your prospect.
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    Unique look and branding on all stationary, invitations, business cards and many other items.
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    Added security to certificates and graduation papers.

Why Choose Captain for you printing finishing services?

At Captain, we provide printing finishing services that stand out and gives our clients something unique. We guarantee to achieve an elegant finish, using our embossed printing services; making an impression a blank stock to leave shadows to mark depth and dimension. We will also register the emboss to our offset press, to raise the image above the paper surface.

We have mastered the sculpted dies technique. When we use our letterpress for embossed printing services, we draw and convey a high quality texture in contrast to it’s surrounding areas. We also provide press approval on site if required at no extra charge, to get the embossed or debossed height that suits your taste.

Types for embossed/debossed printing

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    When no ink or foil is used, it is a simple impression that gives a subtle look.
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    The process of aligning with another element such as ink or foil by adding depth and texture to an image.
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    an image that is also foil stamped along with embossing and debossing.
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    There are different forms of finishes, straight sharp embossed edge, bevelled or round.

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