It's an art

The art of cutting your product into a impressive shape using our unique techniques and steel cutting dies.

Die Cutting Art

All about Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of using a die to trim paper, plastic and pressure-sensitive adhesives and foams into a desired shape. It can be used to create a shape of the object by cutting the entire sheet of paper or, it can punch out desired shapes and patterns, incorporated into a design. From standard shapes to custom patterns, defined metal sharp blades, like a cookie cutter, cuts through paper stock clean and crisp.

Die cutting printing services started as a process of cutting leather for the shoe industry in the mid-19th century. It is now sophisticated enough to cut through just one layer of a laminate, so it is now used on labels, stamps, and other stickers.

Incorporating die-cutting into a print design

Like letterpress printing, die-cutting printing draws attention to the 3D effect on paper and the adds character to it. It transforms a standard product from simple to stylish, once the design element is incorporated. Also, die-cutting printing service can add a decorative or a functional component to a print design, giving it a modern vintage-feel; make a thumb-hole for an envelope, slits for business card placement, or a notch for a folded piece.

style Die cutting printing products

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    Custom business cards, invitations, and brochure holders.
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    Door hangers, danglers and tags.
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    Greeting cards, postcards and presentation folders.
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    CD sleeves, ballot boxes and card holders.
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    Adhesive labels, cards and magnets.

Die Cutting at Captain

Tired of traditional square cuts? Want your product to stand out in the crowd? Welcome to Captain where your ideas come to life no matter how complex they may be. With our die cutting printing services, we offer the chance for you to create something unique. Our finishing printing services offers you the option to die cut or even kiss cut for those labels you have been wanting to get.

Our die cutter creates a shape in one punch, it has the ability to make many identical forms very quickly. Our four in-house die cutting printing services are integrated with our digital and offset department to best facilitate your unique needs.

question_answer Frequently asked questions

  • Die-cutting costs vary from project to project and it depends on the size and complexity of the design. Please provide us with your die-line file, in order for us to provide you with a quote.

  • Sometimes; die-cutting complex and detailed texts and logos will be difficult to accomplish, as steel-rule dies are limited in their complexity. If you are unsure about the possibility of die-cutting on your print, email us your file for a more definite answer.

  • If you need help with setting up the structure of your file and adding the die-lines, please inform us in advance of submitting your file. This will ensure sufficient time is included in the turn-around time of your order to complete the setup of the file for production. There may be additional charges involved for file set-up.

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