Laser Engraving

Besides cutting, our laser equipment can also engrave on various materials that gives life to your design. Add customizations to your products by engraving logo, texts, or custom design.

Laser Cutting and Engraving Materials

Laser Cutting Services in Markham, Vaughan, Toronto

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

As a printing company and expert on paper stocks we have mastered on cutting through paper as flimsy as vellum or as thick as 0.25”. Laser cutting is most definitely cheaper alternative to traditional die-cutting. Just imagine the cost just to create a cutting die for a puzzle.

We can also engrave on thicker cards or even corrugated boards. The engraving process leaves a golden-brown tint to the finishing of the products. This is a cheaper and quicker alternative to letterpress or debossing on short run invitations as no die is required.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Companies in Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill


If there is a material that is perfectly suited for laser cutting – it is acrylic. Also known as plexiglass, we can cut through this material with a polished clean edge inherent in the laser cutting process.

Laser engraving adds fine details on acrylic including your message, logo or background patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Laser Cut Wood Signs in Markham, Vaughan, Toronto


One of the more trendy and popular materials for laser cutting is wood. Laser cutting is possible from veneer to plywood to 1/4” hardwood. It gives a dark brown edge on the cut-edge which adds character to the finish.

Engrave your message on wood to give a professional branding look. The dark brown finish contrasts greatly with lighter coloured wood like birch or ash. The effect is more subtle on darker coloured wood like ebony or mahogany.

Laser Engraved Leather


It comes in a variety of colours, thickness, texture and softness. You can customize your leather belts or shoes by laser cutting your designs on them.

We can laser engrave leather in all of its various forms. Laser engraving leaves a branded look which seems natural on leather.

Leather business cards - anyone? It’s becoming a thing.

Laser Engraved Drinkware

Glass, Metal, Marble, Concrete

While we do not offer laser cutting of these materials, however, we do engraving. Customize wine glasses as wedding keepsakes; mugs for special occasion; your family crest on a marble slab; pictures on dog tags.

Take to the next level

When combined with the other printing techniques like offset and digital printing, foil stamping and embossing, we can produce a truly unique and “how do they do that” type of business cards, wedding invites, greeting cards and other projects.

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