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Recycling And Safe Disposal

We implemented recycling our waste paper and the safe disposal of hazardous materials as part of our environmental integrity, which is based on our corporate value and a regard for our clients’ preferences.

Utilizing Environmental Friendly Computer To Plate Technology

Captain meets the Printing Industry of Ontario environmental standards by minimizing waste, maximizing energy efficiency, and pursuing continuous environmental, health, and safety improvements.

Anthem thermal plates provide chemistry-free CTP and exceptional print performance. After imaging, only a simple cleaning with water is required; there is no baking and no chemical processing.

Waterless Printing

Presstek-enabled direct imaging presses (DI) are used in our firm and the environmental results are even better. The high level of automation in these presses ensures that the file will be printed right the first time, and sellable sheets are delivered by the press with fewer sheets of waste.

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